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los arbolitos




Flour tortilla, pork rind (60g), and shrimp (3pzs) / Tortilla de Harina, chicharron (60g), y camaron (3pzs)

Pulpo a las


Grilled and seasoned octopus

Tostada Ceviche

de Camaron

Raw shrimp plate prepared with lemon, cucumber, chile serrano, pepper, red onion, a touch of clamato juice, and spicy black house sauces /
Camaron fresco en jugo de limón, salsa aguachile, chiltepín, pepino, cebolla morada, y chile serrano.

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Staff is friendly, fast, and well dressed. Our server was Spanish speaking only, so slight language barrier. I ordered the Jaiba.

The crab meat was super fresh and not fishy smelling or tasting at all. All the veggies were fresh. They are not shy with the crab meat portion.

We also had the chicharron rib eye. Fresh guacamole, quesadillas were filled with beans and cheese and a crispy crispy tortilla. The margarita had the perfect mix of tequila and mix. The water is infused with cucumber.

Everything was better than we expected. I can't wait to come back.

"Mari García - Google Reviews"

shrimp broth

One of my favorite meals of all time that I have discovered  here is chicharron de ribeye. Just crispy fried steak cut up served with fresh guacamole a Chile an onion and 2 been and cheese fried tacos.

They serve it with a few tortillas and I swear I could eat this forever. So this place is a know seafood hub, I once had a creamy shrimp dish that was delicious but I just can't get over the steak and as much as I want to eat more seafood here I just have to order the ribeye.

It's a meal by itself but I think you are supposed to share haha. Grab a beer eat some food and just enjoy your life. It's a Spanish speaking joint but no worry the staff knows English and worst case just point or practicar tu español

"Francisco Escalante - Google Reviews"

I’ve been to Los Arbolitos once but it is worth giving a good review. The place is very clean and the staff is attentive.I had the grilled octopus and the oysters with some condiments.  

The octopus was delicious and I would recommend; 5/5 stars. The only reason why I gave the food four stars is because when I ate one of the oysters, the flavor was a bit off. It was not bad or rotten.

I did communicate the issue to the waitress who told the manager. The issue was quickly rectified and I was not charged for the oysters.I will definitely be going back for the octopus and to try the “agua chile.”

"JO Hernan - Google Reviews"

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